Trust-based practice

Since its establishment as a leading information protection service company, Hansecurity Co., Ltd. has been constantly researching and developing its efforts for the benefit of its customers and society.Our best goal is to create and develop a pleasant environment by making the IT service a daily life of information protection.

The Rise of a New Communication Culture

Today’s customers choose their products or services based on the degree of ‘belief’ they have in the enterprise. This also means that the brand value of a particular company is determined by the customer’s trust.Trust between the members of the organization and the members, between the organization and the business, and between the business and the customer is so important that it depends on the success of the business. Improving internal trust is a major underpinning for the competitiveness of companies. Based on this, I believe that the synergy effect of sharing corporate management ideas and visions together can lead to ‘customer trust’.

We will listen to your voice and live up to your expectations. I will always strive to be a company that contributes to our customers and society.

Thank you.

CEO Kim Yu-taek and Jung Jae-woo

You can download Han Security’s company profile by clicking on the link below.

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